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Available Positions

Interested in skating, but unsure about the full contact aspect of the sport?

or maybe you're in the legs firmly on the ground category?

Then no worries, when we say there is a spot for everyone within the derby community, we mean it. 

Below are some of the other positions we have available.


Team Zebra

As part of Team Zebra, you would be one of the many members to join us on the track in a non-hitting your friends capacity.

No prior experience? No need to fret!

Just like any sport, we need referees.

We can train you on all of the basic ins and outs of our wonderful sport. Easily distinguishable by their black and white striped shirts, these officials skate around either inside or outside the track, watching the skaters.  Their responsibility is to enforce the rules, ensuring safe, fair gameplay.   Referees are the primary officials who call penalties.


SOS Village

Ever hear it takes a village?

Well with derby it's true. We always need volunteers, the people we like to call Our village.

These important people help us with flyering for events, meeting new connections in our community, and setting up for games and scrimmages.

our hard working team works behind the scenes to help represent us in the Livermore area.


Non-Skating Officials

NSO's for short.

Our unsung heros in the derby world.

Being an NSO means wearing many hats. Typically wearing either all black, these officials do a wide variety of tasks: timing the game, tracking penalties, timing penalties, keeping score, operating the scoreboard, and tracking lineups.  If empowered to do so by the head referee, some NSOs may call penalties related to their positions

Village Team Mates


Ann-Marg Rock #1952 
(SOS Village)



Demma New Head.jpeg

Demmalition #4321




Peanut #10

Off Skates Representative 


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